Кролиководство как бизнес Rabbit breeding business

Dealership Rabbit breeding

Dealership | Rabbit breeding

Dealership Rabbit breeding



Dealership | Rabbit breeding

Dealership in rabbit breeding

Dealership, dealership for business on rabbits

The successful activity of our company moves us to broaden our professional horizons and open up new countries. That is why we decided to organize dealership and offer people to join our team.

Eco-rabbit breeding has turned into new independent sphere of animal husbandry and is becoming more and more popular in Ukraine, Russia, and other post-Soviet countries.

Rabbit is the most fast-ripening and productive domestic animal. Farmers get rabbit meat already in 3 months! A lot of articles are written on the Web about useful qualities of rabbit meat. Eco-rabbit way of breeding founded by our company, makes it possible to get commercial production without hormones of growth, steroids, antibiotics and stimulators. Eco-raising mechanism works due to the systems of animal protection, implemented by our inventors, that prevent animals from all risks and threats that exist in the sphere of rabbit breeding.

We produce equipment for business on rabbits, and for business of our dealers. This equipment is unique, it does not have analogues in the world and it is the main aspect in successful eco-rabbit breeding. Dealer or our representative will present this equipment on the market according to the license he chooses. He will get profit from the equipment he sells. Our clients are people and companies who are eager to produce ecologically pure products – meat, fur, manure, in other words, to make business on rabbits. We have sold over 4000 units in Ukraine and our success can be repeated in other countries. Our clients are physical persons as well as big corporations. The latest ones can order several hundred of units for their farm business.

Dealers and representatives can startup their own businesses on the basis of our licenses. We have several types of licenses to offer:

The first type of license. Price – $2000. Operator gets the right to take orders on ”Rabbitax 96” and receives $1500 for every his client.

The second type of license. Price – $20 000. Price of the exceptional license (one operator on the market) – $50 000. According to this license, the operator can produce the equipment independently using our rights and constructional documentation. The equipment can be sold in operator’s country.

The third type of license. Price – $5 000. Operator looks for clients who want to produce equipment by themselves (in joineries or independently). We offer the Plan of mini-farms in this case. The Plan costs $1500, operator’s outcome is $500.

Note. Our latest order in Ukraine was 1200 models of mini-farm “Rabbitax 8”. We have been on the market for 13 years already. Join to our success.

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The ideology of eco-rabbitDealership | Rabbit breeding

Consult for more detailed information:

Alina Malyuk – FEA manager

+38 097 78 68 406


Skype: alina.strilets


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