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Drafts For Rabbit Cages

Drafts For Rabbit Cages

Description: drafts for rabbit cages “Rabbitax” have become rather popular in many countries of the world. This is the best equipment in the class of mini-farms for rabbits.

Drafts For Rabbit Cages
Equipment for rabbit-breeding “Rabbitax” is well-known in many countries. Read more about the advantages of these farms here.
Description of eco-rabbit equipment “Rabbitax”– here.

You may order drafts for rabbit cages “Rabbitax” online. The author and founder of this technology is Janosh Pogoretsky. All the drafts for rabbit cages have licenses and are protected with author’s right. The price for the draft is $ 600.

The drafts are presented as photo-instructions with detailed technical characteristics of mini-farms for rabbits. The main concepts of eco-rabbit breeding are revealed to make it possible to build different rabbit cages, farms for rabbits with different number of departments in them.drafts for rabbit cages

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