Кролиководство как бизнес Rabbit breeding business

Turnkey Project “Eco-Rabbit Breeding”

Turnkey Project “Eco-Rabbit Breeding”


 Turnkey Project “Eco-Rabbit Breeding”

Turnkey project “Eco-Rabbit Breeding”

eco-rabbit farm

  • Uniqueness, non-ordinariness and exclusive;
  • Absence of completeness;
  • Influence on the whole animal husbandry;
  • Image and recognition.

Why our turnkey project “Eco-Rabbit Breeding” is so interesting? Firstly, it is the unique sphere that has no analogues at the market. Its eco-friendly ideology inspires confidence to customers. Our client will have the opportunity to fill the market with products that are of the highest demand. Our company offers the equipment for eco-rabbit breeding that has no analogues in the world. This equipment may be used in the private sector in order to produce natural rabbit meat or it may be used for commercial purposes in order to build rabbit farm to produce rabbit flesh, rabbit skin, very expensive rabbit manure.

Read more information on the site to understand all the essence of eco-rabbit breeding as useful, actual and profitable business.

Turnkey Project “Eco-Rabbit Breeding”

Turnkey Project “Eco-Rabbit Breeding”

The customer of turnkey project “Eco-Rabbit Breeding” has two variants of cooperation. According to the first one, he receives all constructional documentation according to which he can build the equipment by himself. Separate details may be produced in various workshops or production departments with joiner’s and metalworker’s equipment with the following setup. According to the second variant, customer may buy ready equipment at cost price, collect orders from his country, form profitable groups for shipping and put over his trading margin (50 – 100 %).

 Turnkey Project “Eco-Rabbit Breeding”

The often requests for this page are what are interesting ideas for business, what business is profitable, interesting theme for business, in what a business to invest?

We have produced more than 3500 equipment in Ukraine taking in consideration that the economic situation in our country is characterized by low paying capacity…The customer of turnkey project “Eco-Rabbit Breeding” becomes the operator at the market and our company will help him with clients (private or commercial).

With the wise organization of business, the operator of eco-rabbit breeding can divide the market into traditional one and the new sphere of trade – eco-rabbit breeding. He will have the unique opportunity to manage the whole sector, providing his own paradigms and new advantages for business, be at the top of innovations and alternative eco-friendly technologies in animal husbandry.

There are two types of turnkey projects – general and prioritized.

General turnkey project costs $60 000 and is suitable for local markets – the territories, states and lands are agreed. Criterion – is population not more than 20m people.

Prioritized turnkey project costs $100 000 and is suitable for whole markets. It may be country or group of countries.

Each turnkey project in eco-rabbit breeding includes:

  • Technology of eco-rabbit breeding;
  • Constructional documentation for building the equipment;
  • Training;
  • License for the right of use of the business on the chosen territory.

Training is available at our offices or in the territory of the Customer. The last variant presupposes the payment for travel expenses for three persons during 1-2 weeks.

Thus, eco-rabbit breeding is the answer to the questions – in what a business to invest, what are interesting ideas for business, new theme for business, what business is profitable? This offer is very advantageous and will help you to be the first supplier at the market!

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