Original Ideas for Business

Original Ideas for Business

Original ideas for business, what business is profitable today, what business to start up, in what business to invest, how to earn money, go into business, what business to start up today.
These and many other questions are often asked. The market is full of services and goods, and many enterprising people hesitate how to start up their own business. There are a few free market spheres – almost all of them are occupied by business operators who try to become monopolists. Only people who have money for investment and excellent market techniques can start business and surpass the competitors. It is not an easy task for newcomers.

The only one way out to start up business, go into business is to invest in new devices, spheres that do not have competitors at the market.

This is how the project “Rabbax Technology” was founded. We sold the consumer goods, felt exhausted after the fights with competitors looking for the place in the sun. In some time we got bored doing that. We had new ideas for business and decided to embody them. The most perspective idea was to start out in eco-rabbit breeding. Nowadays, people do not have access to natural meat products. The present day husbandry is based on broiler technologies that use hormones, growth stimulators, and antibiotics. All these manipulations allow getting incredible profit – chicken weights 3 kg after 6 weeks, pig gains weight 110kg in 5-6 months! But these meat products are useless and even harmful for human health.
The population of our planet is constantly growing and it is difficult to provide enough food for everyone. Thus, special formulas are implemented to make animals gain weight faster. Many domestic animals have genes of medusa, alga or reptile – the invention of zoo-engineering. In Japan, person who lived on broiler meat has noticed hair growing on his tongue! This is the result of gene modified products!

Original Ideas for Business
Eco-rabbit farm

But it is possible to grow animals without genes and stimulators! The special conditions should be created by farmer in order to breed animals in natural way. With this purpose, eco-rabbit breeding was founded! Eco-rabbit is the rabbit that grows in natural conditions, in special farm – “Rabbitax”, and eats food free of growth stimulators, steroids, antibiotics and other chemicals! A few people know that 80% of all antibiotics in the world are produced for animal husbandry!
Eco-farms ‘Rabbitax” are designed to keep rabbits in the most natural conditions as possible. They provide all physiological needs of animals and support their reproduction. These farms prevent from 15 most common risks in rabbit breeding – diseases, viruses, etc. The nature takes care of animals and their health. As compared to broiler technologies, where only zoo-engineering prevents animals from diseases. Read more about this at our site.
Everyone can start out business in eco rabbit-breeding. The demand for natural products is extremely high nowadays! The one more advantage is the absence of competitor on the market. The businessman will get profit even selling eco-rabbit meat at the prime cost. But, the well-known fact is that all pure products are more expensive than their broiler alternatives. Thus, to grow chicken you will need 8 months, to grow pig – a year, to grow cattle – 1,5 year! Also you will need pastures, territories, buildings. To grow a rabbit you will need only mini-farm “Rabbitax”! The profitability of one farm ”Rabbitax” you may learn here.
This is the answer to the questions: original ideas for business, what business is profitable today, what business to start up, in what business to invest, how to earn money, how to start up, to what business to start up.
Nowadays you have a very good opportunity to become the first at this market and develop this eco-sphere in your country. This is the unique business that no one else has…



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